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Thank you for your interest in Fluotics' consumables for robotic automation. When you choose Fluotics, we know your decision is more than a financial one. It's also an implicit trust in us and our products. Consequently, our goal is to provide you with the best experience imaginable. This means –


  • Consistently reliable product performance


  • Exceptional service and support before and after becoming a customer


  • Selling direct to give you the perfect combination of quality, price and value


Our specialty and focus is robotic tips.


Using proprietary technologies and manufacturing methods we ensure that all robotic tips are:


  • Produced to meet or exceed the specifications of the original instrument manufacturer. [e.g. Beckman Biomek FX/NX, the Agilent VPrep/Bravo, and the PerkinElmer EP3/Janus]


  • Fully SBS standards compliant


  • Examined by automated machine vision and manual visual inspection to pass stringent criteria for straightness, clarity, residual flash, and other tests.


  • Lot tested in dry and liquid dispense protocols to meet specific accuracy and precision (% CV) metrics.


  • Tested in full automation systems (e.g. stackers, robot arms, etc.) not just in their respective standalone liquid handler. You can be equally confident in the liquid AND robotic handling performance of Fluotics’ consumables.


  • Packaged in a clean room environment with stringent anti-static measures to ensure reliable tip loading and unloading.


Exceptional service and support.


We hope you become one of our many long term customers by supporting you both before AND after your purchase. Our commitment doesn't end after a purchase.

We maintain a complete but concise product catalog for quick and simple product decisions. When you're ready to order you can use our website or order by phone, e-mail, or fax. However you contact us you can expect a friendly, responsive and highly knowledgeable team member that understands your workflows and expectations.
Without exception, your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. If you're not completely satisfied with your purchase or any part of your experience just let us know. You'll get a solution not a hassle.


Selling direct to give you the perfect combination of quality, price and value.


Unlike third party distributors we're directly responsible for our products and stand by them. Our products made by us and sold directly to you. Consequently we can offer the best possible combination imaginable. No unnecessary markups by middlemen that don't stand behind a product they don't manufacture. We hope you believe this also and help us continue to grow by communicating the compelling value and quality that we offer to each of our customers.

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244 Fifth Avenue, New York, USA, USA
Website: Fluotics