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Why Computype

We believe that nothing truly exists unless it has a name. After all, names give us an identity, a reference point, an understanding of what something is and where it can be located. Without an accurate and efficient naming system, there would be mistakes, confusion, and waste.

A unique name allows for the ability to track, test, organize, store, or distribute an item in a manner that improves business efficiency through faster throughput, increased communication, and more accurate data output.

At all of our widespread Computype locations, we believe the best method for utilizing a naming/tracking system comes through the adaptation of barcodes and labels; and we've collected over thirty-five years' worth of data to support that belief.

Every year, Computype produces billions of barcodes and labels that are shipped to blood banks in Miami, tire plants in Manchester, laboratories in Mexico City, and everywhere in between. While it may seem that these industries and locations have nothing in common, we understand the shared value in providing a unique naming system to any and all organizations that manufacture, distribute, or warehouse assets of value.

Over the last three decades, we've learned a lot about print technologies, sequence integrity management, and on-demand automation systems. Our wide array of knowledge and capabilities can be attributed to our customers; many of our advances and breakthroughs occurred because of a customer demand. We’re local and visit on-site, so we can easily collaborate with your team, better understand your project, deadlines, and goals, all of which will lead to a more efficient and customized solution. No matter the scope of your needs, our strategy-based business approach guarantees an entire Computype team be dedicated to seeing your project through from start to finish.

The longevity of our customers speak volumes to our endless pursuit of perfect customer service. Running in the veins of every department in all Computype locations, the mentality of ‘nothing less than everything’ is how we view every label, every project, and every customer. Implementing the right solution to ensure customer success is in turn how we measure our own success, because after all, perfect naming systems are the only versions that truly lead to efficiencies, improvements, and accuracy.

Interested in talking with one of our experts about implementing or improving upon the naming system at your organization?  Let’s talk!

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2285 West County Road C, Roseville, MN 55113, United States, USA
Website: Computype