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Biosero brings together a consortium of companies that provides scientists with products and services for complete laboratory automation solutions. The products include liquid handling, capping and decapping, microplate sealing, bar code scanning, robotic automation, integration and scheduling software, and hoods and enclosures, all uniquely designed with the highest level of engineering and performance in mind.

Our partners have developed proven products based on communication with our customers in the Life Sciences industry, including drug discovery, high throughput screening, proteomics, and genomics. Biosero provides prompt and reliable customer support for our partners for sales, support, and marketing, allowing them to concentrate on the development of ever-improving products

Our business partners have been carefully selected based on their unique capabilities and the complementary nature of each company’s products. This means that Biosero can address many of the problems facing laboratories today, from sample preparation to sample analysis to results tracking.

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4202 Sorrento Valley Blvd, San Diego, CA 92121, USA, USA
Website: Biosero