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Fornax Technologies GmbH & Co KG


The focus of Fornax Technologies GmbH & Co KG is the cost efficient and professional sample storage at low temperatures from -20 °C to -110 °C. Low investment costs associated with high storage capacity and low operating costs during operating time of  20, 30 or more years are particularly significant for our customers. Fornax is committed to this goal.

Fornax develops efficient storages in the low temperature range for customers who like to store samples of any kind of materials medium or long term. These samples should be available at any time without complex automation equipment.

Fornax collaborates with selected and experienced partners in the areas of low temperature technology and cryogenic cell building for this purpose. Since 2011 our customers profit from more than 25years experience and high competence from the Fornax Team, founded by Ralf Rändler and Norbert Tiesler.

Our customers use Fornax storage concepts to complement already existing automated cryogenic storage systems or as an alternative to expensive automated storage systems and standard deep freezers.

Proven components are used from the low temperature technology in food and industrial sectors. This concept is the base for the reliable operation: Decades of high reliability, which is guaranteed through the use of proven components and technologies. Low maintenance costs of the storage system are the result.

In Fornax storage systems are stored sample material of any kind of all known types of consumables from blood or serum tubes up to microtiter plate format (SBS format). A storage with different kind of sample vessels is possible and typical.

Service and support of Fornax contain maintenance and repair contracts, central hotline with experienced staff, 24/48 hours on-site service and also financing and leasing concepts.

Experienced project managers will work with you to define the specific requirements for your low temperature storage and specify the scope of services.

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Im Sonnenland 29 d, 53577, Neustadt (Wied), Deutschland, Germany