When do Drug Patents Expire and When can Generics Launch?

Drug patents play a central role in the pharmaceutical industry. Fortunes change change overnight as innovators lose patent protection, and as generics start to gain market share.

A challenge in navigating this exciting space is that it can be difficult to determine when drug patents expire, and when generics can launch. Differences in international patent laws and in regulatory processes can impact generic entry. Furthermore, some patents may block all generic entry, whereas others may only block certain applications.

This slideshow sheds light on drug patent expiration and generic launch. It describes the various kinds of patents, and how to determine the extent to which a patent may block generic entry. It also illustrates the various kinds of regulatory protections and how they coordinate  with patents to impact generic launch.


when do drug patents expire and when can generic drugs launch 1 638 2When do Drug Patents Expire and When can Generics Launch?

 When do drug patents expire?

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