SciClops plate crane, self teaching robotic arm explained in 1 minute

Forget “normal” plate stackers because SciClops is here. And why do you need this awesome piece in your automated laboratory? Because it`s the first intelligent, cyborg plate stacker! The technology (initially invented by extraterrestrials from the Great-Magellanic-Cloud) is so future, you don`t even have to teach movings. And if you think this must be magic, go to Hudson Robotics website and see for yourself!

For information purposes:

• Handle any SBS standard microplate including 96, 384, 1536 as well as deep well blocks and tip boxes.

• Plug-and-Play USB computer interface (RS-232 also available).

• Automate plate handling with over 200 different instruments.

• Work with lidded or unlidded plates.

• Small enough to fit into a standard laboratory hood.

• Random access stacker option for RT incubation and kinetic assays.

• Add additional plates to active protocols with ease .

• All PlateCrane systems come with SoftLinx V Scheduling software. SoftLinx is an easy to use, drag and drop control program. Quickly and easily create automated methods.

• One (1) PlateCrane SciClops easily supports multiple instruments.

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