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What the Lynx?

There is a company called Dynamic Devices which advertises their liquid handling robots as the most advanced pipetting technology in the market today. I had the chance to see one of the robots in action and I was impressed by its technology (and the emergency stop button of course)! The so-called “Lynx” is a new milestone in liquid handling because liquid classes are dismissed in its technology. You can pipette all kinds of liquids “on the fly”. No teaching, no settings or definitions according to the company’s statement. The build in flow-meter takes care of the volumetrical verification at every aspiration or dispense step. The electronics and mechanics of the machine are stored in the cover of the Lynx so you can access the robot from every angle.


Dynamic Devices is a group driven by hands-on experience through all levels of its staff & management. With day to day interaction with its customer base, Dynamic Devices has set out and realized some of the most aggressive goals in designing, manufacturing and delivering a liquid handling robotic platform. With the revolutionary and award winning implementation of Volume Verified Pipetting (VVP) technology, it is now possible to directly measure and report liquid entering and leaving the tip volumetrically; with the implementation of linear motor drives, motion control systems and vision systems from the semiconductor industry, it is now possible for a platform to have absolute positioning; with our past knowledge of liquid handling platforms, a fourth generation workstation is now released to the market, the Lynx Liquid Handling Robotic Platform.


LynxBlueNOPAW  What the Lynx?




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