Labordatenbank the modern LIMS

This guys are right on track. I was amazed to see how people build a LIMS completely browser based. But what does it mean exactly?

Browser based is pretty much every website. Online you can use different technologies like PHP, HTML, CSS and different services like Amazon S3 or Google Analytics. And this is what makes unique! If for example, a developer of a “normal”, let`s say windows based LIMS, wants to upgrade his system. He has to compile his program, burn it on a usb-stick, send it to the customer, the customer installs the program and they are done. On the other hand, these guys from labordatenbank just update their system (bugfix e.g.) and it is online immediately. What an awesomeness!! I talked to Patrick Öhlinger, the CEO of the company. He told me his system is sold mostly on the european market at the moment. They have started to distribute in 2007 and are very busy with their daily business. Not a surprise with this awesome product!

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