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LabAutomations is a privately owned and funded, non-commercial, non-profit, online community under supervision of LARA “Laboratory Automation & Robotics Association”

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We are an intelligence network, everyone can contribute. Effectively connect with scientists, engineers and specialists from the laboratory automation industry. If you are interested in the field of laboratory automation and robotics, this application is for you. LabAutomations is the first real online community to discuss your laboratory automation solutions, get help from masterminds around the globe, or to share your recent inventions and ideas. It is a free and neutral source of information, committed to objectivity and trust.

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We are an intelligence Network. Everyone can contribute.

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We are here to inform you. Committed to objectivity, only the truth is acceptable.


We are available borderless on all devices and channels. Get involved.


We help each other to find own solutions. Service desks are overrated anyway.

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